Monday, January 11, 2010

Week ending January 17, 2010

1/11 - 60 minutes (8 miles)

1/12 - workout (43 minutes warm up, then 6x800 @ 5K goal pace with 200 recovery - 2:25.0, 1:08 recovery, 2:26.1, 1:10 recovery, 2:25.9, 1:14 recovery, 2:26.5, 1:20 recovery, 2:25.2, 1:16 recovery, 2:23.7, 15 minutes cool down) Not feeling very well the last couple of days so I was a bit worried about this workout. I managed to hit the reps about right and only increased the rest by 10 seconds or so. (11 miles)

1/13 - 66 minutes (9 miles)

1/14 - 80 minutes AM (11 miles), 40 minutes PM (5 miles)

1/15 - 60 minutes (8 miles)

1/16 - Apparently Harvard thinks it is funny to change the meet time the night before an event, so I showed up at 3:00 for my 5:35 race to find out the whole meet was already over! Very annoying. Decided to make the most of it and had an assistant coach hand time me for a 3000m solo time trial.
10 minutes warm up plus a few strides, then 3000m in 8:51.17, 40+ minutes cool down (8 miles)
This is about what I was hoping to run in a competitive race so I really think I could have been 5-6 seconds faster in a good race. I definitely lost focus for a few laps in the middle. Oh well, I made the most of it and hopefully it was still a valuable effort for 5K preparation.

1/17 - 120 minutes (17 miles)

Summary - 77 miles for the week, a little scaled back mileage due to shaking a cold early in the week but I feel good now and despite the confusion at Harvard I think it was a good week. 8:51 solo probably means I could have gone a bit faster in a good race.

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