Monday, November 22, 2010

Week ending November 28, 2010

11/22 - 48 minutes AM (6 miles), 70 minutes PM (10 miles)

11/23 - 48 minutes AM (6 miles), 70 minutes PM (10 miles)

11/24 - 42 minutes AM (6 miles), 42 minutes PM (6 miles)

11/25 - off

11/26 - off

11/27 - off

11/28 - Andover XC (3 miles warm up plus a few strides, race in 18:25, 3 miles cool down) Ran like crap. Went out too hard with Nate and then blew up on the way back. JJ got me on the last hill and I didn't give him a good fight. Great race though, lots of fun. Recommend it to anyone for next year. (10 miles)

Summary: 54 miles, basically I decided to shut it down for a few days and enjoy the family and the holiday. I'm glad I did. It was a nice weekend and we had fun relaxing and getting a few things done. Plus it helped me recharge my batteries a little bit. Time to get back in the saddle though.

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Fast Punx said...

pretty solid when you can take 3 whole days off... and not have a long-run all week, and still hit 50+ miles.