Monday, December 6, 2010

Week ending December 12, 2010

12/6 - 48 minutes AM (6 miles), 64 minutes PM (10 miles)

12/7 - 45 minutes AM (6 miles), workout PM (2 miles warm up, 8 x mile @ 5:18-5:20 w/ 400m recovery, 2.25 cool down) (14 miles)

12/8 - 48 minutes AM (6 miles), 56 minutes PM (8 miles) "Nobody told me there'd be days like these..." - John Lennon

12/9 - 82 minutes AM (12 miles)

12/10 - 35 minutes AM (5 miles), 63 minutes PM (10 miles)

12/11 - off

12/12 - off

Summary: 77 miles for the week, but I'm afraid I'll have to accept the fact that I'm O-fficially injured. Since sometime in October I've been feeling some strain in my lower abs, mostly after harder running and races. It got to the point where I feared the onset of a sneeze or a cough. I tried treating it with some ice and ibuprofen and stuck it out through the fall racing season, figuring I'd give it some rest after the Seacoast Half. Well, I didn't give it rest and it has gradually gotten worse over the last few weeks. To me, it seems like a sports hernia based on what I've read, but recent x-rays and ultrasound suggest is is only a deep strain at this point, which I guess is good. Hopefully nothing is torn, but I've also read that picking it up in an ultrasound can be tough, so I'm not really sure. I really only know that on my run Thursday afternoon it got worse and I actually felt something new pop up in that region. Nothing really sharp, but not good. Since then I have been aware of it all the time, like walking, rolling over in bed, pretty much all the time. I start PT this week, which hopefully will help. I don't really know what to do in terms of running. Before I thought I wasn't making it much worse because after a workout it would subside during a couple of easy days, but now it is there all the time and I feel like I'm making it worse with every run. So I think I've decided to completely shut it down until I can at least walk through a day without feeling it, and we'll see how the PT goes. I've been dancing with the devil for a while now, training really hard and not giving myself any real down time to recover. In hindsight I should have completely shut it down for a little bit after the half marathon but for some reason I didn't. I can't do a sit up right now. The pain/weakness is really deep in the lower abs/right groin. Sort of feels like it is under/behind the pubic bone. Anyone have an experience with this?


Rob said...

Bob--Im really sorry to hear this. I hope you make a speedy recovery---

Joe said...

This sounds like a sports hernia. I had 2 and the symptoms were the same. Unfortunately it's hard to diagnos.

Erik Johnson said...

I have had that a kind of pain couple months at a time.
I actually have it a bit right now.

I basically stoped doing situps and high intensity for a month or so until the pain dulled.

The worst is right after runs and sneezing and coughing can be scary.

when I ran the charlotte marathon last year I choked on some water during the race and I swear I jumped in mid stride due to the tightness.

Let me know what you are doing to fix it PT and stuff i would love to learn what to do.