Thursday, December 23, 2010

Week ending December 26, 2010

12/20 - off

12/21 - off

12/22 - PT in AM, then easy warm up on bike, some stretching and 1 easy mile on treadmill

12/23 - easy warm up on bike, some stretching and 3 miles on treadmill, about 22 minutes. Half a mile at 6:00 pace to see how it felt. Seems OK at the moment, we'll see if it is more sore this evening or tomorrow. If it feels OK I'll try 5 miles tomorrow and then hopefully stay with 5 miles for a few days. Somewhat encouraged that the rest is helping at the moment, but there is still some tightness and minor soreness.

12/24 - 4 miles easy (4:30 AM)

12/25 - Christmas!

12/26 - 5 miles easy

Summary: Still sucks.


Daniel Hocking said...

It sucks that you're injured. Do your rehab/strengthening exercises and don't rush back too quickly. You had a great year and you can afford to rest and start 2011 healthy and hungry. Maybe even just go 2-3 miles tomorrow or wait until next week (advice from someone who's had his share of injuries).

DoubleJ said...

...or just go do a tempo run up the mt. washington auto road...that seems to help things out ;)....

Daniel Hocking said...

hahaha. Excellent.