Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A swimming miracle!

I figure if I'm not accomplishing anything lately I can use the space to share the accomplishments of others...

Big day for Camden (my 3 year old son for those who don't know) at swimming lessons today. He's been going to swimming on Wednesdays for about a year and while he enjoys it, he kind of likes to sometimes do his own thing and is reluctant to interact with the other kids at times (though he has a girlfriend, Kelsey who he is deeply enamored with. He got her a doll for Christmas and she gave him a Fisher Price MP3 player!).

He also has been very reluctant to stick his head under water. I think I might have caused this by getting some water in his mouth while washing his hair in the shower quite a while ago, but I'm not sure.

Over vacation we went to the pool to practice swimming with me a little bit and try to show him some more encouragement.

Well, I got a call from Camie after lunch today informing me of a "Swimming Lesson Miracle!" today. Nana takes him because she watches him on Wednesdays. Apparently on the way up Nana reminded him to listen to what Anne tells him (she's the instructor & family friend).

When he got to class he got his clothes off, marched over to the side of the pool, raised one fist in the air and declared "TO INFINITY...AND BEYOND!!!" and then proceeded to jump into the pool all by himself!

I'm told he then proceeded to spend most of the class swimming back and forth in the pool with his head underwater as much as his lungs would allow!

Nana said all the other parents and grandparents (who know he's been rather timid) were quite shocked at first and then were cheering for him and making him feel like Michael Phelps.

Wish I was there to capture it in a Wiles Studios film!

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