Monday, January 31, 2011

Week ending February 6, 2011

1/31 - 5 easy miles AM, 5 miles on treadmill PM (all at about 7:30 pace, with a mile at 2%, 2 miles at 4%, 2 miles at 2%) Followed by PT exercises. First double in a while, wanted to see how it would feel to run again after just 6 hours of rest. Seems OK but I can tell it is a little more sore than last week. Tomorrow morning is when it would be sore though if I was pushing it too much. If it feels OK tomorrow I think I will skip the morning run and see if a warm up and then a few miles at about 6:00-6:30 pace bother it.

2/1 - 8 miles on treadmill (2 miles warm up, 2 miles @ 6:30, 2 miles @ 6:00, 2 miles cool down) PT exercises. Feels OK, a little sore but just like after other easy days. This might just be my new "normal", I don't know. I assume this will gradually sort of fade, but i suspect it is going to take quite a while. Going to be really snowy tomorrow and I think it will be a good day to join a gym about a mile from the house for easier access to a treadmill.

2/2 - 6 miles on treadmill, about 7:30 pace

2/3 - 5 miles AM, 30 minutes bike PM w/ PT exercises

2/4 - 6 miles AM (4 @ 6:15 pace)

2/5 - 10 miles with about 4 @ 6:00 pace

2/6 - 6 miles on treadmill 45 minutes

Summary: 51 miles for the week with a little biking.


Mike Quintal said...

i would've stayed with the pirate picture myself...;) things look to be hedded in the right direction with training.

Mike Quintal said...


Wilesthing said...

I have a short attention span...

Slowly, I have to remind myself that it will take months, not weeks to get back to where I was before this flared up. But I'll get there.