Monday, January 3, 2011

Week ending January 9, 2011

1/3 - PT exercises, stretching, 30 minutes fairly hard stationary bike. (I've never done much on it, so I don't really know what the effort should feel like. I was trying to stay above 95-100 for cadence doing a random route that changed the workload a bit. It was harder on the quads than the lungs, but I was breathing hard at the end and sweating a little bit, so I guess it was a good start.) Felt good to at least get the blood flowing a little bit.

1/4 - 30 minutes stationary bike, random workout, tried taking my pulse a few times and at a cadence of 100 I can really only get my HR to about 120. But it doesn't feel like I want to crank my legs much harder. PT appointment in the afternoon went well, and follow up appointment at the physiatrist in the evening was kind of dull, he just reminded me that I should be very slow and careful about building up when I start running again.

1/5 - 20 minutes bike, 1 miles easy treadmill run @ 8:30

1/6 - 4 miles easy AM, 60 minutes on bike PM

1/7 - 40 minutes bike, PT in the afternoon

1/8 - 4 miles

1/9 - 4 miles

Summary: 13 miles running, a few hours of biking for the week. Feels like I might be starting to heal a little bit, but I need to be patient and not push it too much. PT on Friday was tough and my quads, adductors and glutes are still sore from some exercises that involved a skateboard. Plan for next week is to run 5 miles every other day, biking as many days as possible, keep stretching and PT.

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