Monday, May 2, 2011

Week ending May 8, 2011

5/2 - 6 miles AM (45 minutes), 9 miles PM (58 minutes)

5/3 - 6 miles AM (45 minutes), 10 miles PM (67 minutes)

5/4 - 11 miles AM (75 minutes), daddy duty no PM run

5/5 - 7 miles AM (55 minutes), 10 miles PM with 8 x 200 thrown in (65 minutes)

5/6 - 6 miles AM (45 minutes), 10 miles PM (67 minutes)

5/7 - 8 miles AM (58 minutes)

5/8 - Medical Center 6K (18:44, 4th) - 3+ warm up with strides, 3 cool down (10 miles)

Summary: 93 miles for the week, solid race. Strategizing before the race I was planning to lay back a little for the first 1.5 miles which climb pretty good and then try to make up some ground on the back half of the course which is mostly downhill with just a couple little rollers. That went out the window when the gun went off. I got out really good and found myself up in the front pack and feeling good so I just let it happen. I did fall back a few steps on the first good climb and settled into 4th behind Matt Ely for the rest of the climbing. Once we got over the hump I managed to make contact with Matt and we went back and forth a few times over the next mile and a half. When we turned right at 3 miles I knew it was just a 1200m finish but Matt made a move and I wasn't able to match it. Too bad because I was mentally prepared to really work for this race but he was just stronger and put 7 seconds on me in the last 1200. Still the best finish I've had at a GP event and because I've never run a 6K before, a cheap PR.


Diana said...

Wait, you posted this at 9:41 am knowing in advance that your afternoon run would be 9 miles in 58 minutes? You must be a very consistent runner!

Anyway, great job yesterday at the 10k!

Wilesthing said...

I recently found a tricked out Delorean at a yard sale and I didn't want to try anything too crazy in case it was busted so I just skipped ahead a few hours and found out what my run was going to be.

By the way, nice job at the 6K next week!

Mike Quintal said...

That beachball was the only thing slowing you down at JJ Ramble.

Anonymous said...

Kudos on your Cinco de Mayo kick-off activity. Donde esta el bano...? Ahhh, si!!

Senor Ward

Wilesthing said...

Mierda pasa, I think they would say.

F 'em if they can't take a joke. It's usually their food that does it to me anyway.