Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tree house project

Camden and I started working on a tree house a couple of weeks ago. I promised JJ that I'd take some pictures as we went along. I was doing good at first but as you can see I missed pictures of putting up the walls towards the bottom. The base is about 8 feet off the ground. The house itself is 6 x 8 feet and the front deck is 2 x 8 feet.

First, some 2x6 supports anchored to the tree.

Because Camden and I have been doing this mostly alone, I had to build the main base in the tree because I wouldn't be able to lift it on after building it.

Base is just about done...time to put some more support under it.

We used some 4x4s angled into the tree to add some strength.

For the walls I built them on the ground and used a rope to hoist them into place.

The roof will slope from front to back and there will be a door going out to the deck.

Had to make a couple holes for branches to come through...

Obviously I missed a few steps in the photo sequence.

After I finished with the frame we put down the floor. The only tricky part to that is cutting out holes for the tree! Once the floor was screwed down we started working on the walls. Those were a little tricky to get lined up after I measured and cut the sections. I used the ropes again to get them in place and got a couple of screws in them so I could untie the rope and get them on just right. We had to make more holes for the branches to come through.

Once the walls were on we painted them. Camden did a lot of the painting with his roller on a stick. We made quite a mess but got the job done. After the paint dried we started working on the deck railings.

With the railings done it was now kid safe and Camden was able to help me start the white trim. I did get a little help from Uncle Charleie getting the roof up. We had to be careful getting the holes just right on the roof because we don't want too much extra space around the top.

The next step was getting the trap door and ladder in place. That was pretty easy and Camden helped me do that last night. All that is left to do is a little trim on the other side, shingles on the roof and I will build a door. After that just some accessories and decorating and this tree house will be ready for action! To say that Camden is excited about this project is an understatement. Every night when we finish up for the evening he gives me a big high five and tells me how brilliant I am.


Glenn said...

Looks nice. Makes me think of the opening scene of Stand by Me. Hopefully Camden is too young to partake in those activities!

Wilesthing said...

Great...now I'm picturing my son up in it with a deck of smokes rolled up the sleeve of his t-shirt!

KG said...

Makes me think of another tree house scene -- the one from Step Brothers."Hey! Pass me that magazine." Seriously, the tree house is impressive. The best part of the whole post were the last couple of sentences. Sounds like a great project and the result is very cool.