Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bob bought a bike

Well, I haven't really run since Stowe for a few reasons. Initially it was because I was feeling really worn down, but I was also still ignoring the lower ab/psoas pain that had returned throughout the spring. I had some good races and thought I could keep ignoring it, but it just continued to get worse. So when I realized I needed a break it made sense to give the muscles time to properly heal, which is something I probably should have done last winter instead of rushing back.

So, I started out cross training by borrowing a touring mountain bike hybrid from Charles. I realized how much fun it is and decided to get a road bike of my own. After shopping around and trying out a bunch of different bikes I ended up getting a great deal on a Cannondale CAAD 10 4 at Papa Wheelies in Portsmouth. It is a 2011 and they are starting to get shipments for 2012, so my timing worked out pretty good for a great bike at a clearance price.

I also found a group that rides on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from Portsmouth at 5:15...my kinds of guys! I'm learning to ride in a group and the guys have been really helpful and supportive.

Also, I logged my first long-ish ride on Saturday when Guy and Pam Stearns took me for a 50+ mile ride up through Berwick and over to the coast.

At this point I'm not sure when I'll be running again, but the cycling substitute has be pretty well distracted for the time being!

Summary of my first week owning a bike:
8/17 - 25 miles
8/18 - 40 miles
8/19 - 20 miles
8/20 - 55 miles
8/21 - 15 miles
8/22 - 25 miles
8/23 - 40 miles
First week in the books: 220 miles (355km). Not too shabby.

Still trying to approximate the conversion to running effort. I think that aerobically for me right now the ratio is something like 4/1. Muscularly it is more like 3/1. For the most part right now I'm fine aerobically and even decent hills in our area aren't hurting my lungs much (although the last 15 miles on Saturday in the sun and humidity had me working pretty good). My legs are taking a little time adapting to the different motion.

For now I'm calling this an open-ended experiment. I wonder how long it will take me to strap some aero bars on this thing, register for a triathlon and make a fool of myself doing the doggy paddle in a lake???

Oh, and the picture of reverend Jim in the new logo is supposed to reflect my current state of confusion and uncertainty. I love Taxi re-runs.


KG said...

there is a good article in Running Times about the psoas...stretching, treating, etc... In the meantime, don't get too comfortable on that bike, CMS needs you

Scott said...

Nice choice on the ride, Bob. I found riding can be a nice recovery day since it's so low impact. Group rides can be a blast too. The one drawback is it seems like it takes a lot of time to get a solid workout in. Your ratio of 4:1 sounds about right - for me it falls somewhere between 4:1 and 5:1 - but how quickly do you cover 4.5 miles riding compared with 1 mile running?

Alan said...

Just pay attention to that psoas, Bob. I have noticed that bringing my knee up to 90 degrees is when it irritates me the most. So far I've stayed away from biking since that pretty much brings my knee up too high on every pedal stroke.

Have you worked with this PT that Hocking told me about in the seacoast yet? Her name is Jen Stebbins, I believe.