Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Haven't been strutting that ass much lately.

8/1 - 18 miles on bike

8/2 - 24 miles on bike

8/3 - 12 miles on bike

8/4 - 24 miles on bike (18.5 of that in 59:15 is probably about a solid tempo-type effort for me right now, FWIW)

8/5 - 16 miles on bike - Had a very close encounter with three deer (2 doe and a fawn). We stopped to check each other out for about 10 minutes. The mom and fawn got almost close enough to touch, easily within 10 feet, probably 6-8. The mom did some half-hearted foot stomping to make sure I knew she was willing to protect her fawn and then the little guy got even closer to me and copied her. It was really cute. I must not look too intimidating on a bike. They decided I wasn't a problem and went back to eating grass that I could have spit a sunflower seed to with ease. Amazing. The fawn must have only been about 8 weeks old.


KG said...

the 2nd 1/2 of this clip is hilarious! were you directing this bit of genius? Tell that guy that I can still strut my arse after 15-20 miles

Glenn said...

I highly recommend watching the remix.

Muddy Puddin' said...

Bet those deer could still strut their ass after 15-20.

boj said...

damn thats funny. its been a while since karate bob strutted that ass/removed nutsacks. just a thought.