Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Walk on the Wiles Side

Well, I told Jim I'd start blogging again if he posted a recap of Market Square Day and I came home from work this evening to see he'd put it up. I guess I have to keep my end of the deal. ("Quid pro quo, Clarice")

I'm starting to think people like it when I'm not running because that is generally when my alter ego, "The Wilesthing" emerges from his hiding place deep within the darkest recesses of my mind.

Here's the latest drivel...

On a more genuine note, I've not run a step in over a month and have only jogged a few times since Stowe. Part of the reason I wanted JJ to post a recap of MSD is because that is the last time I felt good. I knew I had unintentionally peaked for that race and shortly afterwards began a mental and physical slide. I ran a couple of local races and wasn't able to break 16 minutes, ran a 10K where I was lucky that Dan Hocking was only doing a tempo because he would have killed me otherwise, and then headed into Stowe knowing that I was going to get my ass handed to me and I had already planned some downtime afterwards. That made it easier to just enjoy the weekend, do my best to help the team, and then look forward to recharging the batteries.

Underneath the mental burnout was also the re-emergence of the ab/psoas injury that laid me up last winter. I was ignoring the warning signals because I had some races that I wanted to run well in and that led me to make the same mistakes I made last time. This time the combination of events made the decision easier to just step back and enjoy the summer without freaking out about my fitness.

After a couple of weeks of total rest I started riding a borrowed bike and enjoyed it enough to buy one of my own. Since then I've been riding pretty consistently and have found a few group rides that are pretty challenging for me.

Just this evening I did a group ride that averaged over 40km/hour down through Hampton. I felt like I was going to puke at the end and nearly got dropped a few times but was able to catch a wheel and get dragged back on each time. Pretty intense feeling to whip up the coast in a pack of 15-20 guys at 26-27 miles per hour. I took most of my pulls at the front but did skip a couple towards the end and the last pull I took was pretty brief. I didn't want to slow down the group so I pulled through pretty quickly and tried to latch on. I did get gapped a couple of times by breakaways that Jim Marchese instigated. He made them when I was on the front, so I think he was trying to remind me that I've still got some work to do if I want to hang with the big boys.

Right now my plan is to start running around the beginning of October. Hopefully that will allow the abs enough time to have healed and I'll gradually start running again to get back into shape and the plan will be to work on just aerobic running through the winter with no racing plans and then think about racing again in the spring.


Kevin said...

They let you near a school with that thing on your face?

Get healed up.

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff, as always (well except you on the rollers video).

How about an updated final picture of the tree house?

Muddy Puddin' said...

So awesome. No offense man, but I hope you stay hurt forever if you keep producing twisted stuff like this. By the way, at about 2:52 or so, your head wiggles make you look like Mohammed Gammoudi in the 1964 10K finals vs Billy Mills. Youtube it.

Wilesthing said...

Thanks mud. The head bob was intentional so I'm glad you caught it.